Terence Brady - Playwright, novelist, actor and painter.
          Terence Brady at home
Terence Brady writer, actor and painter
Thank you for dropping in. Here you will find out about Terence Brady, author of plays, films, television series, dramas, novels and articles. You can also see what he has done as an actor and performer, as well as viewing some of his many paintings.
Paintings by Terence Brady
Terence started his professional life as an actor and writer in Dublin before coming to London in 1961 to appear at the Theatre Royal Stratford East. Soon afterwards he took over from Peter Cook in the hit revue Beyond The Fringe at the Fortune Theatre and has continued to act in the theatre, on television and in films ever since. Having also started to write
professionally in Dublin he continued to pursue a parallel career in London, writing              The Old Barn
successfully for the radio, television and the                oil painting by
theatre.                                                                         Terence Brady
Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham just married (below)
Terence  Brady and Charlotte Bingham on their wedding day
Beyond the Fringe
Beyond The Fringe   programme     (right)              
In 1964 he married the already famous young novelist Charlotte Bingham and very soon afterwards they began an award winning literary partnership that endures to this day, writing many hit series and plays for television and the stage, most notably perhaps for the first two series of Upstairs Downstairs as well as many other top rated creations that are listed elsewhere on this site. 
   Terence and Charlotte newly married                                       At home in London in the 70s
                        (below)                                                                                 (below)     
Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham, writersTerence Brady and Charlotte Bingham just married
He is also a novelist in his own right as well as historian and journalist, having contributed throughout his life regularly to many newspapers, journals and magazines. Among many other accomplishments he has bred thorough-bred racehorses and eventers, and is said to be the only writer and actor ever to have trained a winning steeple-                                                      chaser under N.H.Rules.
Terence Brady as winning horse trainer
Fredwel wins the BBC Solent Chase at Fontwell Park
owned by Charlotte Bingham and
trained by Terence Brady
Other than his beloved wife and partner Charlotte, Terence's greatest passion is music. His first chair in a band was as a jazz drummer, an instrument he learned at school where he was a founder member of the very first Public School Jazz Band, a group considered good enough to play at the BBC Radio Show at Earl's Court as well as being featured
in a half hour programme on the Third  Programme, as Radio 3 was then known.
Merchant Taylors School Jazz Band
While a student in Dublin he continued drumming, running and playing in three bands and later on returning to England continued to play in his own jazz trio. Nowadays the piano and singing have taken the place of the drums, and performing musical cabaret has more or less taken the place of acting.
                                                                                                    The Dr Jazz Stompers
                                                                                     Merchant Taylors School Jazz Band
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