Terence Brady - Playwright, novelist, actor and painter.
Having written and contributed to many revues as well as writing several single one act plays while in Dublin, it was in British television that Terence Brady found most of his employment from the 60s to the 80s. Then when his partner turned back to writing novels he decided to return to the theatre, initially still in harness with Charlotte his regular writing partner, both producing a comedy called I Wish I Wish in 1989 that had its premiere at the Watermill Theatre, Newbury and ran to capacity for its summer season. Bingham then had the idea to adapt Rosamunde Pilcher's best selling novel The Shell Seekers for the stage because she considered there were no enough leading roles for older actresses to play outside the classics. It proved a daunting task as the book is long and episodic but now convinced his partner was right Brady persisted and finally produced a play that became one of the highest grossing touring plays for a decade, running to four national Number One tours, initially starring Stephanie Cole as Penelope, followed by Rosemary Leach and finally Susannah York. The play has also proved to be one of the performed and successful plays for Amateur Drama groups as well as being widely performed in Germany where Pilcher is enormously popular.
This was followed by an adaptation of one of Charlotte's best selling novels, the award winning A Change of Heart. The design of this play closely follows the book in that it may be perfectly described as a romantic thriller. Peter Skellern, song writer and singer, provided the specially written music for the play which is in no way incidental but an integral part of the fabric of the play. The piece was given a successful professional reading with a star cast but despite various promises from equally various managements the play, the writer was let down at the 11th hour by both a producer and a theatre management, so to date A Change of Heart remains unperformed.
         George Bernard Shaw (below)
Below StairsBack at the drawing board Bingham then wondered what might have happened to Eliza Doolittle after the curtain fell on Shaw's Pygmalion and was informed by her partner that the same thing had occurred to Shaw himself who had written at length about the after life of his famous characters. Brady then wrote a play called Below Stairs based almost entirely on Shaw's essays about Eliza, Doolittle, and Professor Higgins, the play being approved of and supposed by the Shaw Society who also promised their help for any forthcoming production and was given a professional and again all star public reading at the Arts Theatre, London. And once again everyone concerned was let down by managements, this time singularly so since a one particular West End management had all but promised that if the
reading was a success they would option the play. In the end that management failed even to turn up for the reading. The play is available to be read in manuscript and electronically. If interested please contact mail the author. (see contacts page for addresses)
The Diaries of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain
Another work undertaken was an adaptation of Mark Twain's wonderful work, The Diaries of Adam and Eve. Although these diaries which tell of the first and last days of Adam and Eve have previously been performed in America as readings, they have not so far been adapted in full for the stage. The play is a three hander and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor production. Fans of Twain will need no convincing as to the wonder of his writing and The Diaries of Adam and Eve are no exception, being both extremely funny and also intensely moving. Again the play is available to be read in m/s and also electronically. If interested please contact the author.
Finally there is Noel & Cole, a three hander musical based on the final meeting between Coward and Cole, not on earth but somewhere in limbo where they find themselves apparently being denied entry into Heaven. The searching of heart and soul to try and discover the reasons for the exclusion leads to many revelations and discoveries about themselves, expressed either in their own testaments or through the eternal magic of their songs. Their attempts to get to the other side are not helped by the presence of someone who appears to be their celestial valet but in fact turns out to be someone much more diabolical. Three wonderful parts and all that wonderful music, some very familiar, some not so. Ready now.
Cole & Noel or Noel & ColeCole & Noel or Noel & Cole
                      Cole Porter                                                                   Noel Coward
       REHEARSAL.               a novel. Published 1973
    McCANN'S DOG.         a novel. Published 2011
  ROSE'S STORY.           a novel with CHARLOTTE BINGHAM
                                       Published 1973
   THE FIGHT AGAINST     a history of  the abolition of  trade
   SLAVERY                       with Evan Jones. Published 1977.
   THE SHELL SEEKERS    French's Acting Edition.  
                                          With Charlotte Bingham. Adapted
                                           from the book by Rosamunde Pilcher.
                                           Published 2006
   NO HONESTLY              a novel with Charlotte Bingham      
                                                    Published 1974.
YES HONESTLY                 a novel with Charlotte Bingham.
                                                       Published  1977
Take Three Girls. Liza Goddard
 VICTORIA                          a novel with Charlotte Bingham. 
                                                        Published 1975
Sidney Gilliat
CAN                             a novel by SIDNEY GILLIAT
                                    Edited and completed by Terence  Brady.                 
                                            Published 2011.
The history of how this book came to be can be found on the specially prepared website, www.sidneygilliat.co.uk. Basically this is the only novel ever written by this great British screenwriter, director and producer but he failed to finish it before he died.  Many years later Terence was offered the chance of both editing the book as well as completing it by Sidney Gilliat's daughter Joanna Russell and this is the result. It is a truly wonderful book, set in Victorian England and concerns a Great Railway Scam. It is not only exciting, it is also very funny, as well as wonderfully accurate since Sidney Gilliat had an encyclopedic knowledge of the construction and running of railways.  Moreover because it is all about money, and banks and investment it finds a great parallel with our own times. There's a free read of it to be had at the Kindle store on Amazon where it can be downloaded as an e-book for only £1.71p. Read it ~ you really won't be disappointed! Read what has already been written about it:
"Those of you who love film will know immediately who Sidney Gilliat was ~ one of Britain's best screen writers and directors ~ think The Lady Vanishes, Rome Express, and Green For Danger and you have him. He was also a first class film producer, half of the famous partnership of Launder (Frank) and Gilliat ~ and ~ he was also a novelist and not a lot of people know that. The reason for this ignorance is the fact that Gilliat only wrote one novel and an unfinished one at that ~ yet here at last it is, published digitally and finished. If you want to know the story behind how the book came to be finished and published nearly fifteen years after his death you can find out the facts on some of the websites dedicated to Sidney Gilliat.

"Do read this book because it is wonderful. It is hilarious. hugely inventive, exciting, sexy and relevant. It's all about a railway scam in Victorian England, set at the time when the building of the Railways in the 19th century entirely changed the face of Europe but nowhere more so than in England. CATCH AS CATCH CAN perfectly characterises the chaos associated with its beginning. While being astonishingly witty, this meticulously researched work simultaneously provides a brilliant encapsulation of the plethora of endeavours that triggered the railway mania.

"The wildly comic and constantly changing fortunes of the hero, Major Robarts, possibly an Indian Army deserter from the ranks ~ one is never quite sure ~ and the villainy of the entrepreneur Nutcombe mixes the insanity of the period with penetrating observations on greed, profiteering and sexual ambition. A glimpse of the frequency of duplicity to achieve the staggering financial rewards open to them illuminates a fascinating study of the many rich and varied characters involved in the proposed construction of Major Robart's 'Great Peterswell and Welsh Rail Road' or his rival's ' 'Allminster and Aberystwyth Company'.

"A frenetic grouping, offering amazing similarities to those we are all too familiar with today are profiled by the Major's unfortunately honest fresh faced son George, the immensely correct Lord Charles, the dour Macintyre Callendar and Nutcombe's servile acolyte Kenny. There are many more wonderful characters including the superbly vulgar actress Dorinda with whom Major Robarts conducts an ever fluctuating affair, a relationship that's always on the altar of chance, in the event of it offering personal advance or carnal pleasure to either.
At the climax of the story, the epic dash to the Board of Trade by both parties provides a thrilling, cliff hanging sequence before the astonishing twist in the finale.

"Throughout the book Gilliat's extraordinary ability to create truly memorable characters is always on display as is his masterful handling of visual narrative, unsurprising in such a talented screenwriter. His attention to detail and accuracy is also stunning, although his scholarship never slows the story down for one moment. It is a simply unique achievement and by all rights should have been published years ago and would surely have been, had he lived to finish it, but today's publishers are only interested in live authors so regardless of his fame and extraordinary talent Sidney Gilliat is now of no interest whatsoever to them.

"As someone once so fragrantly said ~ talent stinks, so happily the great stuff finally and always gets discovered and although this wonderful novel is being published at the moment only in digital form, perhaps there is some forward thinking publisher out there who will now recognise the book's true merit and honour it with a posthumous formal publication ~ likewise there well may be a film director or producer out there who will see its potential and turn it into a movie. a homage to the author who himself made so much memorable cinema. After all, the great Alfred Hitchcock directed a great Sidney Gilliat screenplay so come on ~ whoever you are ~ option this book and let's see the movie! "
McCann's Dog
Not quite McCann's ~ one belonging to the author!
The successor to the boy on the cover! He's called Wilkie, and here he has on his snow shoes.
You can also read this book as an e-book for only £2.29p. The author wrote this a couple of years ago only to watch the firm that was to publish it being swallowed up and disappearing into a conglomerate take over. So he decided to publish it directly electronically and here it is. It is highly original and very funny and concerns a singing dog ~ but that is not all. The dog apparently is part of a much, much larger scheme of things and the hero of the book, a struggling actor called Stephen McCann, finds himself involved in a battle to save the planet. This is what one critic wrote about it:
"This is such a funny, original and fantastic story (and by fantastic I mean that includes a wonderful fantastical element) I started to search for a published copy and found it has only come out ~ and only just come out ~ as a digital book. No matter ~ if you have a kindle or whatever, download this if you i) love to laugh ii) love dogs iii) love something a little whacky and iv) love a good and different romance. Boy meets girl and dog coincidentally. Girl gorgeous but a little strange in speech and behaviour spoken, dog a big hairy mutt who is just a dog really it seems ~ but no, boy finds dog is really rather musical ~ won't spoil the story, only to tell you it's far more than just a tale about a singing dog and how boy gets rich with such a phenomenon because it is much, much more than that. It's about a global conspiracy really (!!) but full of such comic twists and imagination and with such amazing characters (wait till you meet the Agent and the Wool Mountain) that while you're carried along on a wave of laughter you are also genuinely held by the story. Well I was anyway and can't wait to send this to friends ~ as well as read it all over again! "
Yours for just £2.29p. Free read the opening chapters on:
*****download it NOW! ******
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