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Enough already ~ smile

I'm ashamed. Here was I banging on about how to right the world and what I really should be doing is directing you to places and people like this: ~ .http://fromthehouseofedward.blogspot.com/2010/07/courage.html
I love everything about this site ~ the care, the love, the humanity, the beauty and of course the dogs........
I was knocked to shreds about the Songwriter's friend and his courage and am making a vow to try and follow in those steps and just try and be happy every day. There's so much pain and misery around and sometime we dwell too much on it, particularly in this week of all weeks ~ the memory of 9/11 still sears and the two of us here (and the dogs) watched a documentary the other night on the television and were inconsolable by the end. But what came out of it most of all was Courage, just as the writer in the House of Edward says ~ she just lives there ~ it's Edward's House~ facing the worst with Courage, that most neglected of virtues, is truly astonishing. How right is the Writer to say that we are inclined to overlook courage now and push it down the list under swagger and swank, And what the two of us here felt after watching  that most terrible of tragedies of 9/11 unfolding was the sheer undaunted courage of everyone (not sure about the politicos who run as fast as they can to ground but that's Chain of Command I suppose.....) I've read extensively this week about the single acts of outstanding courage shown by everyone from those who brought down the plane rather than have it crash into (possibly) The White House, the firemen (wow) , those facing certain death, the so-called 'jumpers' (courage again. Think about it) ~ everyone who got stuck in and tried to help, tried to do the impossible but never gave up. The Mayor should have been President. He stayed out of his bunker and brought his people home.
So yes ~ time to retrench and reconsider. I wonder at those who lose their loved ones and find no hate in their hearts for the murderers. That's another form of the Greatest Courage ~ to find that compassion and not give in to the cancer of hatred and revenge. Tough, God knows, but time to take stock and try and learn ~
I'm talking me here ~ I'm not preaching. I'm just trying to re-establish my hope and bolster the little faith I found I had left. Now when I look into the eyes of the brave ~ the truly brave (whose bedfellow seems to be utter modesty and good humour) I feel duly chastened and I am determined to go back to where I was ~ trying to celebrate Life rather than tick away like some old clock in the stomash of a crocodile.
My beloved partner and I years ago invented a motto for ourselves, something to try and live up to ~
Compassion, Commitment, and Celebration. Today it means even more to me and my prayers are for those lost in mayhem and terror. Let's hope they are getting the Paradise they deserve ~ and so rather than just crying Why oh Why? maybe down here we can try and love our funny old world just that little bit more. I'm going to give it a go.
Love and Follow your bliss.

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marsha on 10 September 2011 13:18
I've just discovered you and read these thoughts. I agree wholeheartedly with every word and shall returned when I have read more. Thanks for your truth and humour ~ much needed these days. Marsha x
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Pamela on 11 September 2011 19:56
Terence, I am incredibly touched that my words meant something special to you. I suppose we are all called to courage both in the commonplace as well as the extraordinary. Sometimes I don't think we realize what we're made of until we need to. At least I hope that's the case. Thank you for your kind words. Pamela, and Edward of course.
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Terence Brady on 19 September 2011 12:25
Pamela ~ how good of you to reply. Your words and your site have now entered our personal lexicon and we visit you when we need to refresh and get our centre back. May the road always rise up to meet you.

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